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Create Android or iOS app that uses local documents

I.B.C. App Maker plugin Document


The Document plugin allows the creation of apps with hypertext content without having to access the web using the URL plugin. In addition to avoiding access to the web, this plugin is particularly fast in loading data residing directly on the device. It is recommended for all those contents that are rarely updated. The document must be created with MS Office, Libre Office or Open Office. The document creation software must be installed on the PC where the Device Configurator resides. When the user deploys the app from the Device Configurator or debugs it with the emulator, the document is automatically converted into an Html file, managed internally by I.B.C. App Maker. The conversion of the document is performed automatically using the word processor installed on your pc. Some of these are not faithful in conversion. For a correct use MS Office is recommended. This plugin is free.


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